Friday, January 1, 2016

Pinned Post: Parameters in Blogging/Social Media

When I first started to blog back in 04', it was a way to have an opinion without having to bother anyone who didn't want to read it. I always used my name, because it's no different if we were having a conversation face to face, ideally.  This was before Facebook/Twitter. In the beginning I would get nasty/snarky anonymous comments. I figured that would change, especially with Facebook.


I use Twitter to share blog links, and try to keep Facebook to personal friends and acquaintances. Sometimes we discuss politics/religion, but because I know these people our actual conversations for the great majority have been really good with exception. And with those exceptions, I learned maybe it's OK to not be friends, and still be good neighbors with mutual friends. I also learned keeping friends and acquaintances that are different then me is very important, let each other know someone who disagrees with them is a human being.  

Twitter is not for conversations/explanations. I do my best to avoid them. If you ask me why, it's probably you're too lazy to click on the link (which explains why) or think you're too entitled and demand an 140 character answer from me. And even if you clicked on the link, which would take at least 15 minutes to properly read to understand the policy behind the point.

I understand you may not have that time. That's OK. But we're human we are capable of expressing an idea beyond an Internet Meme, yes which I do share time to time. But if you ask why? I give you an answer. Please don't insult me and said you read something in under two minutes, and your a fast reader in between breaks of whatever you were doing. Sorry. I can't take that in good faith. Just say thanks, I'll may read it later when I have time. Even if it is a fib, and you don't is it that hard?

I'm trying to be charitable, but even when I attempt to explain that we need to slow down and take a moment to pause and maybe even reread later I would be accused of being uncharitable.Whatever I do or say you will find a way to be offended. I've been down that path before. I'm not going to waste my time.

When will I be fed to the lions?

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The state of political conversation on Facebook

"Bible-Thumping Antichoice Terrorist Homophobe"

stated repeatingly with shared links/memes over the course of the day.


"Bible-Thumping Antichoice Terrorist Homophobe"


"Bible-Thumping Antichoice Terrorist Homophobe"


"Bible-Thumping Antichoice Terrorist Homophobe"


"Bible-Thumping Antichoice Terrorist Homophobe"


If I keep repeating this, if I keep repeating this.

I don't know.

Friday, November 6, 2015

7QT I'm angry, and that's OK.

This Ain't The Lyceum has a post about it not stealing your day.

1, I'm angry, with good cause. It's not like I'm steaming and wasting my time over it. Wait. I do. I always try to reframe it. I said try. Try! good advice from above.

2. I've been doing DCF Foster Care reviews for five years now. And this past Monday was tough. I can't talk about it, due to the privacy of the children/teens, But tough day. It just kills me to see children with no supports, no parents or other relatives with the ability to love them. In two situations, non-family took advantage of these children. Again in detail I will not say. But I was angered. Happy to see these children in safer situations, but it worry about everything we don't learn or find about.

3. Pornography. It's angers me. There has been a few articles about how porn is somehow not bad for someone. Predators usually never see that they are harmful to themselves, they don't feel it. I have very strong opinions about, and due to privacy of past relationships I've seen the addiction. I don't speak ill of my ex from twenty years ago. (This was prior to the internet!). His use of it, prevented him from loving me. In fact I think he did love me, He would of made a terrible spouse and father. I would always have to compete with pornography.

4. A lot of people struggle with it, and it's everywhere. They actually love their spouse and family, but like with anger it steals your day. This is why we have the public screen rule in our home. My children can read and see what I have on my screen, and vice versa. No screens (TVs.phones) in our bedrooms.

5. Pornography is equivalent of a bird humping a rock and the scientists in observation joke how dumb the bird is. We watch a lot of PBS nature. Sex is awkward enough, watching for entertainment and masturbation really is quite foolish when you look at the bigger picture.

6. Profanity. There is another publicity video of political operative Luke Montgomery. He has been known for his stunts over the past two decades. You make know him from the "Potty Princesses", not he has another one with Latino children using the middle finger towards Donald Trump. I do not care or even like Trump. but I don't need to use profanity or make my children use profanity.

7. The Left always accused the Right of being "Idiocracy", but considering the videos. A old blogger from the Opine Editorial days just noted on Facebook, how CNN always talks about the Republicans and FOX always about the Democrats. We love to hate. Hate steals.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Opining about the Idiocracy

The movie Idiocracy is always reference in current time, as if it was/is prophetic. That problem is no one admits to being the idiot. Too many my views are on the idiotic side. Even when I was posting on Opine Editorials, there was dissenting blog post on another blog titled, "Opine Idiotorials".

What's so idiotic acknowledging the family?

Yes, we are all too broken to admit it.

The good majority of my adult friends and acquaintances either experienced this brokenness as children or had a disruption themselves as an adult in their relationship, where they are divorced or no longer partners with the other parent of their child/children.

If anyone wants to accuse me of being judgmental on others, I'm not.

I'm acknowledging their stresses (wounds) if you have to analogize it.

I fear my own divorce. Not that there is anything wrong in my marriage, but rather my husband and I can see how easily it can fall apart. How easily to become selfish and not think of the other, how easily it could be one person giving 100% and the other 0%,

My friends on social media, the great majority disagree with me. I look and examine their posts. At times it isn't that I disagree with them either, but I just think something is distinctly a different idea/concept and not the same. But at time their motivating factor behind a shared/like item isn't about spiritual friendship or marriage, but the an idea that lacks sacrificial love. A love that is reduced to a snaky joke that it's about hate, or two Barbies without a Ken having a play wedding together.

When I live in a world where clever packing of social media bits and bites confuse and plant misconstruing ideas, that it's all about obsessing about gay people. I still take this marriage thing seriously, and if my husband and I can overcome the overwhelming tide of breakdown that would be really nice.

Saint Louis & Zelie Martin, a few prayers would be much appreciated for everyone.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Despite everything, "family still matters" rich or poor....

More Quick Takes at "This Ain't The Lyceum"

1. My last post was September 30th. It was the Watershed moment int he culture wars. Nothing changed, except how the media now treats Pope Francis. 

"I live in a society, that even I teach my children that “even gay kids have a mom & dad”, they can easily face ridicule by some social justice warrior who wants to be them in their place, in which I’m now have to instruct  them be stay quite on the subject in public. Remember when everyone went hysterical with “Who am I to judge?”, but if anyone actually read the transcript it was the Pope being critical of the gay lobby."

2. Professor Ann Althouse speaks on the effects of divorce on the Trump children, and looking back how Donald Trumps reflected on his first marriage.

Trump is now married to his third wife, and I supposed I think more highly of a man who's on his third wife if I know that he regretted ever leaving his first wife. But how awful to be 12 years old and to see everyone reading about your father giving some woman who is not your mother the best sex she ever had.
3. The cable channel "Oxygen" is having a new program, "Finding my Father"

The eight-episode series follows 16 young women and men taking a leap of faith in the hope of connecting with their biological fathers for the first time. Using social media, distant family connections, and the assistance of private investigators, these bold young people attempt to piece together details about their fathers' lives and current whereabouts in order to answer key questions and heal the emotional scars left by their absence. 

4. You know how I sometimes say even gay atheist biracial children have a mom and dad? Well so do transgender kids who grew up in foster care after their mother passes. 

"Alexandra, age 24: Alexandra is a transgender actress and singer who grew up in foster care and was separated from her eight siblings. Her mother passed away when she was nine, and her remaining family is not supportive of her transition. As Alexandra approaches the last stage of becoming her true self, she hopes her father will accept and embrace her."

5. Family and stability. A lot of discussion of multiple cohabitations of mothers and how it may affect their child's well being. An effect of multiple partners is also multiple movings, from home to home with no stability. They are connecting this to education outcomes.

Frequent school moves hurt low-income childrens' math scores

On average, children moved 1.38 times over the five years between Head Start and third grade. Fifty-four children (14 percent) remained in the same school between Head Start and third grade, whereas 327 children (86 percent) moved at least once over this time period. Forty children (10 percent) experienced frequent mobility, changing schools three or four times.
The Chicago public schools system has an open enrollment policy that allows children to enroll in any of its schools, not just the one closest to their home. This increases parents' ability to change schools if they are unhappy with a school's climate, teachers or other students, according to the article
Lowell has such a situation in which there is an open enrollment, and children are not automatically placed in the same school.

46 minutes agoICYMI: I'll be at the rally tomorrow, where will protest outside:
I'll pass. Trump and abortion advocates, together.  I saw an opinion piece upset that a public school was being used. A little frustrating that people can't see it is merely renting out space, and not the government endorsement.

7.  There are other topics on my mind, but I can't transition to them at the moment since I'm  on my last quick take. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Watershed moment in the Culture Wars

From Facebook....

Watershed moment in the Culture Wars

I wish I could just post cute picks of dogs and kids, but social media is also about discussions, the same way we use to talk about politics at the dinner table or with friends 25 years ago. So yes, I’m writing this and posting it publicly.

Now that’s it has been confirmed that Pope Francis has met with Kim Davis (reported by the New York Times/Rome Reports), I’m your Kim Davis. I think you all know that by now. Every time I saw any one posted/shared/liked something that vilified Kim Davis, I said a prayer for her, you, and myself. I knew I couldn’t of done what she did, and I would made a different argument in my defense of marriage, but everyone I have to say I’m was very upset how you participated in the nasty bullying of this woman.

It wasn’t direct, it was passive. You didn’t create that nasty meme or wrote that mocking status update, you just shared and liked it. I said a prayer. But I did it with frustration and anger. Are you happy you made her, in this digital age, a martyr? Haven’t you read the lives of Saints, the most remarkable ones were the sinners (the hot messes).  And that is what draws me to Christ.

Back in June when everyone decided have their rainbow profiles, sponsored by Facebook, I spoke up on the logical conflicts that many of you in rainbow had a married mother and father. I shared a story of a teenager who loved her moms (bio mom & paternal aunt), but wanted her uncle (really her bio father) to be a dad. I also clearly acknowledge in fact there are many well-intended and just things I in fact agreed upon with everyone.  In the course of the conversation, I had to use strong language to defend myself from a false accusation of bigotry. For the most part the rainbow profiles I shrugged off as a fad, everyone wanted to be a part of love, equality, and whatever the 1% social media landowners markets to us serfs.

The person who called me a loser, eventually unfriended me on Facebook, even though we are acquaintances with mutual friends and interests at a local level. Again I used language I try to avoid, but yes I called her phony and I don’t regret that.  If you try to shove me up against the lockers for brownie points to be cool with the media and political idols, I have to punch back only as a last resort. I try to avoid cat fights, local friends know that.

 I should say though, it’s wrong in conversation to use personalized name calling. So I should regret it that, but right now I’m not there. Again I’m angry and frustrated, forgive me. But I won’t regret arguing against fraudulent claim.

I live in a society, that even I teach my children that “even gay kids have a mom & dad”, they can easily face ridicule by some social justice warrior who wants to be them in their place, in which I’m now have to instruct  them be stay quite on the subject in public. Remember when everyone went hysterical with “Who am I to judge?”, but if anyone actually read the transcript it was the Pope being critical of the gay lobby.

Yes, I have and will still be holding my views strongly on the understanding and support of the family. Cracks can occur with family disruption, but with enough social supports the foundation can be mended and rebuilt. The problem is in so many situations for children, their foundation has completely crumbled.

Now does anyone want to talk public policy, because President Obama had some great legislation back in 2007 on responsible fatherhood and marriage?

I’m also in disbelief that so many Catholics can’t accept that the Pope met with Kim Davis.

I’m your Kim Davis.

Friday, September 18, 2015

7QT It's OK to say this stinks. Right?

More Quick Links over at This Ain't The Lyceum

I'm angry. And this is picture  of a table I gently put to its side last June. 

1. Ever wanted to say something uncharitable, because that person deserved it, but didn't. You didn't because you knew it would not of helped, but you felt it. I happy, I didn't. But so help me, God! I could of dished it out times three and unneedingly ripped that person apart. 

Thanks for the help, God. 

2. #1 is about this post earlier this week. "

"Quirky observation in Lowell, and the conversation that went down hill from it."

4. Can't finished. Why? I left the gas cap to the van at a gas station 25 minutes away. Easier to just get a replacement. And other minors road blocks that prevent regular function.